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What is the name of that Company that refills ink cartridges

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There was an ink-jet company? that used to be in Polo park
Does anyone know their name, address and phone number.
I think they moved to Portage and Main, but I cannot remember their right name

They cut my back open ! Help!

holly golightly

Island Ink Jet??? Their website shows one location in St Vital.

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contributor eminence
Walmart refills the cartridges too.

but I thought every mall had one of those inkjet refill stations?

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There are several places. In many malls, one on Selkirk and Main.
A very good one we go to, that is very inexpensive is in the underground mall downtown.
Cannot recall the name at the moment though.

Or you can buy a refill kit and do it yourself.

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I went on line and ordered made in China for 2.99 each. not worth going anywhere for those prices.
I hope the ink works.
The black for my brother was costing $30 for 2, that is the brand name ones.
refills at Island Ink Jet years ago cost about $10, I don't remember. $2.99 - I ordered 4 and paid with visa and $6 for freight

They cut my back open ! Help!


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o good

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