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No functioning fire truck to fight fatal blaze - Vehicle's keys were also missing

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contributor eminence
Bets on them being at the Native Fire Fighters Competition this summer?

Why do we call them fingers if no one has ever seen them fing?

grumpy old man

So. Imagine you were the mayor of a small town.

You had a list of things needing to be done. You have a volunteer fire department and one fire truck. Where do you suppose you'd rank maintaining that fire truck would be on your priority list?

So. Imagine you had no money to maintain that fire truck. What would you do?

a) alert the press and hope some kind benefactors step up and assist?

b) complain to the press AFTER a fire destroys a house and kills a little baby?

St. Theresa Point Chief david mcDougall ought to be fired on the spot.

Yes, I really am that Grumpy...

It's their, they're and there; in Canada it's colour, cheque, rumour and zed...


contributor eminence
contributor eminence
this is the part that pisses me off

"McDougall -- who has been away from St. Theresa Point in meetings for several days"

The freakin Mayor of Winnipeg does not travel "out of town" as much as one of these chiefs

Last I know Theresa Point has both phone and Internet service. Remind me again why these guys have to travel for "meetings" all the time? remind me why we have chiefs who have separate residents off reserve.

how much of that "travel" money could go towards maintaining the fire department?

Having lived in a similarly spread out place. we had a 100% volunteer fire department only paid item was training. We had a fire hall, with a firetruck. fires were very rare but the volunteers all had pagers and responded at the drop of a hat. whoever got to the truck first. drove it to the location and the rest of the firefighters showed up ASAP.

I cant even believe the absolute GALL of these "band officials" who lied outright to the papers and said.. oh the firetruck showed up too late.. when it never even showed up at all.

Where did that $69,.000 go to if the damn truck was not working?

/vent off

Why do we call them fingers if no one has ever seen them fing?


It seems hat there is some negative reporting here! One house fire, but 299 houses not on fire.

They cut my back open ! Help!


Nice to see you back Rosie.


$95k + 69k = $164k. Money for nothing. That should be banned.

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