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Foreign Affairs Minister Baird demands gold on new business cards

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“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through
our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that
democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'

― Isaac Asimov


Not imo.

As Foreign Affairs Minister, his cards are given out to world leaders.

They should be of the finest quality to show that Canadians are also of the finest quality.

I mean...c'mon...f**k...there business cards....what were the 'extra costs'....$200.00...???

Tempest in a tea pot.

Seems the media and the opposition are desperate to crap on this government. Jerks.


i think it's only a big deal because he's a government worker who should be forced to comply with the "standards" everyone else has to follow.

that said, as a Minister...he should have some benefits beyond say the secretary or assistant...but those too should be one Minister is standard to another.

If I was someone who dealt frequently with a government agency or business, so saw many cards from them...and he handed me one that looked "odd"...I would probably question the authenticity of the card...and quite honestly if the person was truly a representative of that agency/business if I didn't know the person handing me the card.


I don't think you'll have to worry about John Baird handing you his card.


contributor eminence
contributor eminence
The gold? nah.. no biggie. You would have thought that every minister ( no deputies though) would have had that already.

Removing Canada though? WTF???

Why do we call them fingers if no one has ever seen them fing?

grumpy old man

The guy is clearly an arrogant egotistical bozo. There are "corporate" standards for such things. Follow the protocols that everyone else follows. All such cards should have the same look and feel. If there is one standard for ministers and other standards for lower ranks that is okay as well.

Dude should return the "special" cards and accept the standard cards.

Dude wants them changed? Work the changes through the appropriate channels. Then they will be changed, and standardized, for everyone.

What a farging icewhole.

Yes, I really am that Grumpy...

It's their, they're and there; in Canada it's colour, cheque, rumour and zed...

eViL tRoLl

contributor plus
contributor plus

The WFP comments are certainly entertaining.

St Norberter


Yup - entertaining it is. And funny. My comment about simplifying the mailing address had garnered several thumbs down.

I guess people like eight line mailing addresses for government offices. Who knew?

It's all about the wheelie. Everything else is Bullshit.

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