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so about that Northern Ontario reserve that has declared itself in emergency

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Canada is lucky to have the international Red Cross diverting funds from Africa to helping get blankets , food and medical supplies to where they are really needed, Northern canada. Those Africans aren't in any danger of freezing to death. They allways are in need, and it has been politically correct to send aid to them. Jyst check out our continual bombardment of those TV ads- 50 cents a day to help the damn babies, $1 a day to help the young kids! What a waste of money. And our Mike the builder with his video asking us to send fresh straw for new buildings to live in- Pathetic.

All the while our Canadadian? , are they considered Canadians by the Harper Conservatives? , aboriginals have to call 911 to the Red Cross and to that commun st corporation the United Nations!

Lol- Look at Harpr agreeing to send 22 mobile homes, up from 15! he is so embarassed! Luckily, one of the Conservative MP's family sells mobile homes!

Who agreed +150 years ago to provide homes, food, education, health care? They should be shot.

Luckily the quality of the above was never specified!


contributor eminence
contributor eminence
no one agreed to do that

Why do we call them fingers if no one has ever seen them fing?


I was going to come over for coffee, but thought you would be sleeping in! lol Why are you so grumpy? lol How can you post at 345AM and then at 745AM? Very strong Ukrainian? lol

They cut my back open ! Help!

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